WellDerma is a specialized cosmetic brand that researches into clean nature around the world.

WellDerma adds good things only for the original beauty.

A brand that delivers healthy beauty found from modern science and nature


Year of release

6300 million+

Cumulative sales volume of mask pack


Importing countries

Revital Ge Cream

WellDerma Germanium Cream is highly moisturizing and nourishing cream and it contains germanium so as to make the exhausted, aged skin beautiful.

It contains 1000,000PPM of germanium water and Himalayan sulfurous phreatic water and rich mineral helps maintain the homeostasis of the skin, enhance the resilience, and improve skin conditions.

High-moisturizing and nourishing cream based on germanium
Best-selling cream on Lotte Home Shopping! Triple-moisturizing, septuple-resilience care, and blood circulation-supportive effects verified through clinical tests!


The light of precious sapphire makes your skin even fairer and healthier.

A combination of WellDerma's unique mask sheet that has never existed before and collagen-based high-concentrate essence forms a transparent moisture barrier to keep the skin moisturized and supplies active ingredients of the essence to the skin through to help soothe the skin and enhance the resilience.

The most precious sapphire mask pack developed by WellDerma's technology Appeared on Dong-a TV 'Beautique'! Adoption of a new material bast fiber! A transparent, highly elastic material that hardly gets torn! Enhancement of the resilience of the skin!


Mask pack that is made of dew on tea leaves, created by the clean nature of Tibetan Plateau which is the largest and the top plateau in the world

A combination of a green tea-based sheet that is independently developed by WellDerma and helps the skin purified and tea tree leaves help take care of the dryness inside the skin and develop a synergy to make a dull skin tone evenly clean and clear.

Tea Tree Soothing Mask made of mysterious dew only for the skin Maintenance of the moisturized skin for 72 hours! Soothing & moisturizing action!
Appeared on Dong-a TV 'Beautique'!