Development Area

Pamtek Cosmetic will make effort continuously to create safer and more convenient products for customers, focusing on wet tissues, mask packs, skincare items, and basic makeup items, targeting women and newborn babies.


Every sheet used for all products offered by Pamtek Cosmetic is either directly imported or made of independently developed materials.

Skin Care

Pamtek Cosmetic prioritizes the moisturizing quality in all skincare items and considers the minimum formula required for the skin. You can experience great products with a high level of completion from concept and ingredients to design and formulation through Pamtek Cosmetic's research center.

Base Makeup

Pamtek Cosmetic's basic makeup items are the best quality cosmetics that offer a moisturizing base and great coverage at the same time, not the moisturizing quality is in inverse proportion to coverage, and will satisfy various different skin tones of Asian people by researching into Asian's personal colors.

Wet Tissue

Pamtek Cosmetic and its research center create products at the top-class facilities recognized not even in Korea but overseas. Pamtek Cosmetic offer safe wet tissues which are made in accordance with the standards of the Cosmetics Act and also go through a 6-stage purification system with special manufacturing techniques and have obtained Green Safety Grade and passed the SGS test.



Pamtek Cosmetic figures out market's needs precisely and thus is capable of producing goods according to clients' request and also offers product planning, designing, and production processes through the research center.




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